What Is Home Care?

What is Home Care?

We know that important moments happen at home. As you age or if you have a physical or cognitive disability, home care is an option that allows you to remain in your home where you are most comfortable. Whether you need minimal assistance or round-the-clock care, our attendants are available to help with any level of care needed. Our service offerings are catered to each individual, allowing a more unique and personalized plan of care. We ensure the caregivers we place in your home, are specifically picked to suit your personality and care needs. This allows for a very comfortable and natural care relationship to form. We frequently hear from families that it feels as if they’ve known their caregiver all their lives! We are not traditional home care. At Angels in the Home, our mission is to provide a luxury and quality experience to everyone we serve. Life doesn’t have to stop…allow us to keep you moving forward, just as you had planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know the time is right to utilize home care?

A: If you are even having those initial conversations or thoughts, it is time to start the move-forward process. In our experience, it is better to start proactively with even a few hours each day, rather than wait until a medical crisis happens. This way, the transition can be a little slower and more natural, and your family member will feel comfortable easing their way into this service. Of course, it doesn’t always happen this way. Oftentimes we start with 24/7 care right away. Fears are put to rest when our clients realize how attentive our staff is, and how much safer they feel with a 1:1 ratio of caregiver to client. It doesn’t take long at all before they fall in love with this service and the Angel in their home. When our clients realize we are truly there to lighten their load at home, and help with any personal or medical care needs they have (and not there to take over their life or their home), the idea of home care shifts in their mind, and it becomes accepted and appreciated! They are still independent and in control of their life…just with the benefit of a personal attendant to help in any way they can.

Q: Who pays for home care?

A: Home care of this type is a self-pay service. Long Term Care insurance and Workers Comp insurance are the only other types of insurance that are accepted. Private duty home care is different than home health care, which is physician-ordered and often covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurance or state funding.

Q: Do you conduct a home visit before starting services?

A: Yes, we set up a time to visit your home which allows you to meet a member of our team and discuss in person your needs and ideal care plan. We are able to ensure your home is safe and comfortable, and make any recommendations to improve safety and accessibility if needed.

Q: Do you work with the physician and/or other healthcare professionals when developing a care plan?

A: We will consult the physician whenever appropriate, whether it be for the plan of care or to discuss additional concerns or needs our clients may have. We also work with facility and hospital staff (Social workers, discharge planners, nurses, etc.) when a client is going to return home to ensure we have the necessary discharge information and instructions. Both the client and family will have input on the care plan, allowing for a seamless transition home.

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